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Rent a catamaran in Costa Brava


What is a catamaran?

Catamarans have a high stability at sea, the amount of space and security they provide is to the liking of all sea lovers. It is a type of ship that has 2 hulls linked by a skeleton. We can find when renting a catamaran that is sail or motor, but normally they have 2 motors, one for each hull of the boat.

What is the origin of a catamaran

Catamarans were invented and created by the aristocratic fishing community of Tamil Nadu, a city located in India. Catamarans are a relatively new fashion. To become today a boat that has re-emerged and has become very popular, this type of sailboat was widely rejected by those sailors more used to traditional sailing.

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Rent a catamaran on the Costa Brava

By renting a catamaran, we will have more space than is possible with a normal sailboat. After all, the cabins, the rest areas are divided into two hulls.

On a catamaran you will have more deck space and the cabin of a catamaran is twice as large as that of a normal boat. More space allows more privacy and mobility.

To rent a boat on the Costa Brava we have many possibilities close to each of the ports:

Port de Roses (Roses port)

Direction: Av. de Rhode, s/n, 17480 Roses, Girona

Phone: 972 15 44 12

Club Nàutic Cala Canyelles (Cala Canyelles Nautical Club)

Phone: 972 36 88 18

Direction: Av. Canyelles, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona

Port Esportiu Marina de Palamós ( Marina de Palamós Sports port)

Phone: 972 60 10 00

Direction: Carrer Salvador Albert i Pey, 0, 17230 Palamós, Girona

Club Náutico Puerto de Aro (Nautical Club Puerto de Aro)

Direction: Carrer Nàutic, 8, 17250 Platja d’Aro, Girona

Phone: 972 81 89 29

Marina D’Empuriabrava (Port of Empuriabrava)

Direction: Edifici, Carrer Cavall de Mar, s/n, 17487 Empuriabrava, Girona

Phone: 972 45 12 39

Club Náutico de Aiguablava (Aiguablava Nautical Club)

Direction: 17255 Fornells, Girona

Phone: 972 62 31 61

The stability of the catamaran

Catamarans have also become the favorite boat rental option since with their great stability, they rarely tilt. And when they do, they barely reach 5 degrees at most, whereas normal sailboats typically do so at 25 degrees. The 25 degree heeling can be exciting, but it is also very tiring. When sailing with a catamaran, we can walk, sit, eat or drink since it is a very stable boat. There is less chance of getting dizzy due to its stability, making it an option to value due to this skill.

Choose to rent a catamaran and enjoy sailing with more privacy, stability, speed and security, it is certainly an experience.

How is a catamaran inside

Catamarans offer comfortable, airy and bright living spaces in all living areas. Sailboats conserve and combine private spaces and places where there is easy circulation in it. The interior of the catamaran opens out to live inside and outside, with a panoramic view of the central saloon, wide hatches, floor alignment between the cockpit and the cabin, and open kitchens. The exterior encourages you to get away from the interior with relaxation areas, large solariums or rest areas.

Interior catamaran
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