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Rent your house at the best price

Do you want your house to be among the best on the Costa Brava?

If you have a house and it meets the following parameters, it can be part of the best houses on the Costa Brava that we offer to our clients: 

What do we offer you at casaslujo.es?

At casalujo.es you will be part of the best high-end homes on the Costa Brava. Accessing clients with high purchasing power and with a return per occupancy house that ranges from 50% to 75% in many cases.

Our houses appear on Airbnb, in the search for Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar 75% of the time. So being among so much search, we choose more clients than the rest.

The highest occupancy rate

If what you are looking for is to have the apartment or house rented for as long as possible, at casalujo.es we make sure to outperform the rest of the houses advertised on Airbnb by almost three times as much.

More visits to the properties we advertise

The more visits to the houses we have, the more reservations, and in this aspect we are also above the rest of the houses that are rented on Airbnb.

Photographic Material of your house

At casalujo.es we offer our clients free access to photographers who will give us access to images and videos of the exterior and interior of your house in order to advertise it with top quality material. We sell images so at casalujo.es we make sure that both the photos and videos of the house are of the highest quality.

100% quality assured

We offer clients to be at home, in authentic luxury villas so they can enjoy their vacations and that is why clients also value it.

Google Ads for casalujo.es

Every year we invest more than 10,000 euros in digital marketing, which includes spending on advertising both on Google Ads and other social networks.

Air Cover - Protection against damage up to $1 million


If a guest causes damage to the accommodation or your belongings during the stay with the insurance that Airbnb provides us, called AirCover, we have Damage Protection of up to 1 million euros. Whether it’s the dog eating your couch or the wine stain on the carpet, everything is covered by insurance. In case the client does not come via Airbnb, we ask clients to have vacation rental insurance. However, you will be asked to pay and deposit, depending on the accommodation you choose.

The expanded coverage that Airbnb includes is the following:

  • Protection for damage caused by pets: we now cover damage caused by animals brought by guests.
  • Comprehensive cleaning protection: You can recover unexpected cleaning costs, such as those derived from having to eliminate the smell of tobacco if a guest smokes in the accommodation even if it is not allowed.
  • Loss of income protection: With AirCover you can request a refund if you have to cancel confirmed Airbnb reservations due to damage caused by a guest.
  • A 14-day deadline to submit requests: If a traveler causes damage to your accommodation or belongings, you have 14 days from when they leave to request a refund, even if the next stay has already begun.
  • Faster refunds: If a guest causes damage, it will take less time to receive your money (just 9 days on average!).
    Priority support for Superhosts: If you have this badge, your requests will be prioritized and you will receive refunds sooner.


How do we change sheets and towels?

Each owner must have:

Towels: 3 large/3 medium/3 small per guest

Sheets: 3 bedding sets for each one of them

All of this serves to be able to make input changes normally and flexibly to keep everything clean.

Price for Towel/Sheet Cleaning for owners:

Cleaning + dryer + ironing

6 Kg 24 euros

15 kg 36 euros

20 kg 44 euros

25 kg 56 euros

Duvets 20 euros

Nordic 27 euros

Blanket 18 euros


What is the commission that remains casaslujo

Unlike other agencies that have a physical location and that right now is around 25% commission, our commission breaks barriers and is the lowest on the market and we divide it into the following parameters:

Lead or contact

10%. If what you want is for us to give you the contact and you do the rest, this is the most economical option. However, we require minimum cleanliness and quality. If you do not reach 4 stars in one year, we will have to unsubscribe from the service.


Cleaning at casalujo.es is essential, it must be perfect, we replace the sheets, towels and leave the house spotless. The budget is tailored for each house.

We make the entry

100 euros are charged. This includes contacting the client, agreeing on an arrival time, showing them the house and providing a welcome pack (not included in the price). In the event that the owner requires a check out with damage control, 50 euros are charged.

Call Us

If you have any questions related to your reservation or need help reserving a house, you can call us 24 hours a day.

Chat on-line

If you need to resolve any situation, we have an online chat (whatsapp) for emergencies, in which we will resolve any problems you may have with a reservation.

Send us an email

You can send us an email to [email protected] for any questions related to reservations or to [email protected] for any other question.