Know where to park in Tossa de Mar

Parking in Tossa de Mar

Conoce donde aparcar en Tossa de Mar

Will I be able to find parking in Tossa de Mar?

Many people consider themselves in love with Tossa de Mar and every year they do not stop visiting this splendid fishing town on the Costa Brava located in Saint Feliu de Guixols and Lloret de Mar; Because it is such a busy area and if you travel by car you will need a safe place to park in Tossa de Mar since there are many activities that you can enjoy.

In Tossa de Mar, you will have the opportunity to combine various activities (beach, leisure and culture). It is one of the favorite coastal destinations to enjoy with the family. In addition to its beautiful beaches, there are many things to do in Tossa de Mar, which we will list below and we will also talk about the different places to park in Tossa de Mar.


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Activities you can do in Tossa de Mar

what to do in Tossa de mar

It is possible that you can visit a large part of Tossa de Mar in just one day while you are on vacation on the Costa Brava, but what we recommend is that you visit each of its corners at least one weekend, which is well worth the It’s a shame since it is a town that has many things to see, for example:

  • Tossa de Mar Castle
  • Vila Vella
  • Tossa de Mar Lighthouse
  • Mar Menuda Beach
  • Big beach
  • Tossa de Mar Promenade
  • Visit the internal town
  • Church of Sant Vicenc
  • Chapel Mare de Deu del Socors
  • Do water activities such as diving and snorkeling
  • Do night activities

Where we to park the car in Tossa de Mar

To visit or carry out any of these activities, it is possible that the aforementioned sites are far from your accommodation, so you will have to go by car and it is important to locate a specific place to park your car in Tossa de Mar.

For this reason, Casa de Lujo has been in charge of making a compilation of some of the parking available in this town and the respective opinions of the users; It is worth mentioning that these parking lots serve both free and paid parking in Tossa de Mar, everything will depend on your budget and the season in which you visit Tossa de Mar.

Number of parking spaces available in Tossa de Mar

Next, we will mention the number and location of different establishments where you can park in Tossa de Mar in order to facilitate your stay so that you can peacefully enjoy this beautiful town.

At the entrance of the town:

Three on Av. Catalunya

One in Vinya del Pla

One Lluis Campanys

One C/Miramar

Inside the town:

Two on Av. del Pelegri

Four (04) on Av. de la Palma

One C/Ma. Helper

One C/ Mar Menuda

One C/Dr. Fleming

Two C/ Pintor Joan Sierra

One C/ Puerto Rico

One Av. Ferran Aguilló

Different opinions from users about the car parks in Tossa de Mar

Going a little further away from the castle area, you can find a parking lot where they charge between €5 and €6 per day.

In the surroundings of the tourist area you can find two parking lots at reasonable prices, where for only four hours they charge around €7.

There are several places near the Medical Center where you can park for free in Tossa de Mar, even if you go early you can also park near the beach below the castle.

Within the town, the car parks there charge €5 for the whole day and if you want to park for free, next to the Tossa sports center towards the Llagostera exit you can find a dirt field.

In the area of the bus station near Mercadona you can park for free, 15 minutes from the center, it is worth parking in the summer when it is difficult to find unoccupied parking spaces.

Near the Delfín hotel there is a street where you can park for free.

There is also a new parking lot (parking P4) that is very economical.

Private car parks available in Tossa de Mar

Below we offer you the exact address of the following car parks where you can park in Tossa de Mar; It is worth mentioning that all of these establishments are paid, but they offer disabled access service and accept payment by credit card for the convenience of users:

Puerto Rico Parking: located at Avinguda Puerto Rico, 7.

Porta De Sant Feliu car park: located at Carrer Pintor Joan Serra, 11.

Platja Gran car park: located at Avinguda Palma, 1.

Parking in Tossa de Mar Electric Cars

If you have an electric car and want to charge it while you walk through this wonderful town on the Costa Brava, in Tossa de Mar you have two options.

Fenie Energia

You will need to download the application on your phone and have them register you.

The upload direction is AV. Pelegri 19 TOSSA DE MAR, Girona

Those of you who use an electric car already know how difficult it is to find a charger in Spain that works well, but in this case it usually works great and charging is free.

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