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Personal Shopper Costa Brava


Exclusive and personalized service, a person looking for your home on the Costa Brava

Will I be able to find a home that meets my needs?

The best option for find your house

When you find yourself looking for a home, you probably have many doubts, since it is one of the most important decisions of your life. To help you with this situation and facilitate the entire process, I am at your disposal.

Will you be able to negotiate a reasonable price for me?

Let my team advise you and forget about dedicating a large part of your time, learning negotiation skills and getting confused with administrative issues that can be a source of problems in the long run.

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We define your budget so you don't waste time.

Finding the ideal home

Finding the ideal home is a crucial decision, full of questions and emotions. I am here to accompany you every step of the way, facilitating the process and dispelling any questions that may arise.

We look for you the best investment on the Costa Brava

Integral management

Personalized advice

My goal that you find the perfect space to build your life, whether it is a cozy nest for yourself, a family refuge or an investment with a future.

let me help you find the perfect invest for you.

The team

I am Ángel Pitarque, your Personal Real Estate Shopper on the Costa Brava with more than 15 years of experience an expert in the purchase and sale of real estate investments on the Costa Brava luxury houses.


What we offer

Personalized advice:

I listen to you, understand your needs and preferences, and present you with options that fit your reality.

Extensive experience:

I know the real estate market perfectly and I can guide you through the best options, avoiding errors and frustrations.

Comprehensive management:

I take care of all the paperwork, visits and negotiations, so that you only have to worry about enjoying your new home.

Commitment and transparency:

I provide you with clear and truthful information at all times, so that you can make decisions with complete confidence.


Let’s redefine your budget to optimize your home search


Forget about wasting time:

  • Together we will define a realistic budget that adjusts to your possibilities and needs.
  • Prior preparation: before starting the search, I will accompany you in developing a strategic plan that will help you find the ideal home.
  • Personalized guide: I will be with you every step of the process, from defining your priorities to signing the final contract.
  • Peace of mind and security: I will be in charge of reviewing the documentation and legal processes to ensure a safe and hassle-free purchase.
  • In short: I offer you a comprehensive and personalized service so that you can find the home of your dreams without stress or worries.

The figure of the Costa Brava personal shopper has acquired great relevance for those people who are looking for a more personalized treatment when purchasing a property, whether for their own title or as an investment. We are going to better define the real estate personal shopper to assess what the ideal type of client is, what their tasks are, the differences with respect to the real estate agent, and other important details that characterize one of the professions on the rise internationally.


What is a personal shopper Costa Brava

The Costa Brava personal shopper is a real estate personal shopper or personal real estate advisor who has specialized in this Spanish tourist area belonging to Catalonia.

Basically, he is a professional who belongs to the real estate field and who has specialized in searching for properties, whether to buy or invest, seeking complete adaptation to the needs and criteria of each type of client.

Differences between real estate personal shopper and real estate agent
When talking about real estate personal shopper and real estate agent, many people tend to confuse these terms or think that they are the same thing. In reality, there is a quite significant difference that we are going to explain below:

• What is a real estate agent: the real estate agent is one who has at his disposal a portfolio of homeowners who want to put their properties for sale, which he offers to his clients. This professional is based exclusively on the sale of the properties that he has at his disposal. The real estate agent charges a commission that will be based on a certain percentage of the final sale price.

• What is a real estate personal shopper: on the contrary, the real estate personal shopper has the objective of finding the ideal property for each type of buyer. That is, it works in a personalized way and is not based on a specific catalog of properties, but rather will look for properties that fit what each client is looking for.

The real estate personal shopper does not charge commissions, but the buyer will pay based on the hours worked or a closed budget.

Customer profiles

The Costa Brava real estate personal shopper works for 6 very specific client profiles, which are:

Busy client: there are individuals who are looking for a home or any other type of property and do not have time to travel and visit the agency, so they are looking for a figure qualified to carry out this task based on some prior criteria. depending on the type of characteristics and particularities they are looking for in the property.

Luxury clients: another very common profile that turns to a personal real estate advisor is those who have money and are looking for properties with a high purchasing power. They can often be popular people who want maximum discretion or need something more specialized.

Investor client: these are individuals who generally live abroad or in the same country, but in a remote area, who have a good economic capacity. They want to invest in the country, but they do not know the area, prices, characteristics and particularities and even the language.

Client with specific needs: there are clients who are looking for properties with very specific characteristics, which makes working through real estate agencies can be quite complicated. The personal shopper will be in charge of simplifying the entire process and locating the perfect property based on these needs.

Executive client: this is a type of client who needs to travel frequently for work, so they do not have time to contact agencies and visit these properties, but prefer to delegate responsibility to the real estate personal shopper, who will be the who will take care of absolutely everything.

Companies: more and more companies are looking to expand their businesses, so they turn to the Costa Brava personal shopper with the aim of this professional being in charge of finding the type of property they need, without having to spend time, effort and money on trips.

As can be seen, the Costa Brava personal shopper works with different types of profiles, all of them with a common characteristic which is the need to have a trusted person at their side to whom they can delegate the entire process, thus having the security of being able to find exactly what they are looking for with the best possible conditions.


What a real estate personal shopper does on the Costa Brava

To better understand the figure of the personal real estate advisor, it is important to determine what its main functions are, and in this sense, we can highlight the seven main processes that are:

Personalized advice: first of all, it is important to establish contact with the client through whom they can be informed about all the details of the area, as well as know what the characteristics of the property are and the particularities of the environment they are looking for.

Property search: once the Costa Brava personal shopper knows the client’s requirements, the property search process is launched, which translates into market research, making a list of properties that meet the the requirements, and then proceed to contact the owner or the real estate agency that is handling the sale.

Contact with sellers: the real estate personal shopper contacts the different sellers, whether they are owners or real estate agencies, so that visits can be organized to each of the properties on the list, with which they can verify in person that the requirements are met. customer demands.

Price negotiation: at the time when all the details of the property are known and it is considered that they fit the client’s demands, the price and purchase terms are negotiated, with the aim of achieving the best conditions. possible.

Communication with the client: now that the Costa Brava personal shopper already has all the necessary information, they will contact the client to provide all the information, photographs and details of each of the properties on the list that have met the requirements.

Carrying out procedures: when the client has made a decision about which property they are interested in, the next step will be to assist the buyer in managing the legal, administrative and financial procedures, establishing the necessary coordination with any type of property. professionals such as lawyers, notaries and even mortgage agents among others.

After-sales: once the sale has ended, the work of the Costa Brava personal shopper has not yet finished, but from now on they will continue to offer you a specialized service so that they can resolve any type of doubt or need in relation to your new property and location.
In addition to advising and helping throughout the entire process of purchasing a property, the Costa Brava personal shopper aims to convey confidence and peace of mind to the client, making everything much easier and avoiding the usual problems for which usually goes through the buyer in these cases.

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