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    Different types of massages tailored to what you need with natural aromatic oils

Are you looking to regain calm and good habits in your life?

masaje espalda costabrava 2021

We suggest the Costa Brava, where time stops to start a new journey.

At Casaslujo.es we have discovered that our clients can not only enjoy the peace of the sea and nature, for this reason, together with the best massage professionals we will try to transmit the comforting essence through our treatments.


Personalized proposals and discounts for groups



The massages that we provide on the Costa Brava that our professionals perform act on the physical body, improving the tissues, the functioning of the organs of the whole body, relieving pain, tension and contractures.


We have the best masseurs on the Costa Brava, which through a set of manual maneuvers; They find an exceptional way to communicate without words through their hands. With our hands we transmit accompaniment, relaxation, comfort and healing energy that help to calm stress. All this is the sum of the technique and the intention that we want to convey with our massages.



What massages can you choose?

ritual masaje

Masajes Rituales 60 min – 75€

Inspirados en los 5 elementos de la naturaleza
podal masaje

Reflexología podal 40 min – 55€

Equilibra de modo reflejo el cuerpo, estimulando el mecanismo de autocuración. La reflexología podal y manual es una técnica de masaje en la que se aplica presión en puntos específicos de los pies y de las manos para la relajación y terapia de regiones internas y externas del cuerpo.
masaje terapeutico

Deportivo y terapéutico 40 min -60€

A escoger: espalda, cuello, piernas… para molestias y sobrecargas.
masaje royal

Masaje Royal – 160 €

Tratamiento completo de belleza que cuida cara y cuerpo. Con exfoliaciones, limpieza con aguas florales, envolturas y hidratación.
masaje craneo

Craneo – facial 40 min – 55€

Calma la fatiga mental y el nerviosismo. Mejora la piel y rejuvenece el rostro.
masaje corporal

Corporal 80 min – 105€

Tratamiento completo para la piel, retira las células muertas favoreciendo el brillo y la respiración del cuerpo. Consta de limpieza con agua floral, exfoliación, mascarilla y masaje hidratante.
masaje facial

Facial 40 min – 65€

Tratamiento rejuvenecedor que elimina impurezas y toxinas, nutre y mineraliza la piel. Se realiza una limpieza con agua floral, una exfoliación, mascarilla y masaje hidratante.
masaje. en terraza

Anticelulítico 60 min – 75€

Drenante y tonificante. Reduce la celulitis y grasa, mejorando el sistema circulatorio.
masajes a dos

Masaje en Pareja 60 min – 120€

Disfruta del masaje conjuntamente con tu pareja. Con la presencia de dos terapeutas.
masaje costa brava tossa de mar

Masaje en Pareja 60 min – 120€

Disfruta del masaje conjuntamente con tu pareja. Con la presencia de dos terapeutas.
masajes costa brava 1

Descontracturante 60 min – 70€

Alivia contracturas, dolores y tendinitis. Aplica fricciones, amasamientos y presión en puntos gatillo.
masajes costabrava2

Tailandés 60 min – 70€

Estiramientos musculares y de ligamentos. Aporta gran flexibilidad y alivia tensiones.
masaje frente al mar

Degustación 30 min – 40€

Prueba el masaje relajante o descontracturante.
masaje pindas

Pindas – Precio a consultar

Las pindas son unos saquitos de plantas medicinales, envueltas en telas de algodón 100% y aceites, estos misteriosos saquitos se aplican calientes sobre el cuerpo.
masajes costabrava chi

Masaje Abhyanga 60 min – 75€

El mejor masaje para empezar





What benefits are you going to get with the Abhyanga massage

You will be able to reduce stress, generate a feeling of peace and tranquility promoting the maintenance of health.



Pindas are sachets of medicinal plants, wrapped in 100% cotton fabrics and oils, these mysterious sachets are applied hot on the body.


Ayurvedic Treatments


Traditional and natural medicine that comes from India. Fully personalized treatment. We take care of preparing a plan with the treatments that are more in line with what you really need, taking into account possible pathologies.


What points are we going to work on in the massage


The muscular tension of your body


In the body we accumulate contractures and overloads sometimes due to excessive repetitive movements, bad posture and nervousness. When your body feels stiff and stiff, you need to take care of your body. And for this, nothing better than a massage on the Costa Brava, looking at the sea, with the silence of the waves murmuring to you.


Stop Stress in your body


Don’t wait any longer to release stress, the cause of many disorders and diseases. Through massage we can harmonize our body and mind, preventing any somatization.


Back discomfort


On many occasions, we accept moderate as chronic pain when it can be remedied.
Some day we must say enough and find a solution, thus preventing the pain from becoming intense or unbearable.


Enjoy a massage on the Costa Brava


The environment in which they give us the massage also influences. We devour the moments without savoring them when we are not really inhabiting the present.


En casas lujoWe know that through touch and sensations we can develop a fuller attention, and this will give us the enjoyment of each experience.


What do our massages consist of?


We create these totally personalized massages inspired by the 5 elements of nature: air, fire, water, earth and space.

We have made them so that you can experience them on your skin, you can perceive them through all your senses, so that you feel their archetype and emotion.


Each element of nature with its qualities and characteristics will wrap you in a totally unique experience. Enjoy the moment.


Types of massages for our luxury homes on the costa brava


Creative Massages


Creative massages inspired by the 5 elements of nature: air, fire, water, earth and space.

The masseurs of Casas Lujo for years have been able to combine the knowledge of alchemy, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, all combined with our artistic creativity, we have been able to design these works to delight the clients who visit us.


The rituals that we have developed so that you can experience them on your skin, in your own senses, so that you can smell them, hear them, and so that you feel all their archetype and emotion in your body.


All these services are personalized, so we can recommend to the client which will be the best choice according to their tastes or their physical constitution, their psychology or their physiological conditions.


Cosmic journey


We invite you to the void, at the entrance of the space of being


We want that by the sea of ​​the Costa Brava you can experience the tranquility, peace and the absolute fullness of the Space.

Space is the element in which the other four elements are found, which are, air, fire, water and earth, without this vacuum, nothing can happen. It is the origin of the cosmos and space, the primordial sound, the famous OM (ॐ) vibrations that permeate all of world existence.

Expansive and totally cosmic music, which we can interpret with authentic Tibetan gongs, hang drums and didjeridoos, with which we can create a vibration that elevates the universe, freeing ourselves from the density of our body.

The oil permeates all over your skin. We want to cause a deep sensation of weightlessness in your body, float and turn your body into a free soul. Feel the etheric essence with which you will reach the Self



“Hand of the sea” massage on the Costa Brava

From the top of Ayurveda medicine, a wave of Quiromassage waves glide, reminding the body of its fluidity. In these massages

we can experience exfoliations, cleansing, nourishing the body.

Feel how the sea unfolds all its healing therapy.

The Benefits of massage: with this you will obtain fluidity, hydration and an authentic renewal of your body.

masajes costa brava


Massage costa brava


Xaloc air massage

In casaslujo.es we take all the time in the world to offer you traditional Thai massage techniques, with which we can unblock the stiffness of your body, mobilize the joints and alleviate worries.

Feel the gusts of the internal wind in your body, feel the continuous, changing but always warm breath of the Xaloc

Benefits of the Xaloc massage: Pay attention to the breath and the effects that each stream of air has on your body, feel the increase in flexibility and lightness.

Costa Brava Massage

Faith in the fire

The massage of “faith in the fire” is a fusion of Chiromassage and marma points, at first with dense and slow passes, which evolve into a stronger and more vigorous massage, which will provide your body with a sensation of lightness.

The stones will bring you temperance, the brushes and brushes will fan the flames of your body.

The benefits that you will obtain: Muscle toning, improves the circulation of your body.

masaje costa brava tossa de mar


costa brava tossa de mar Massage

Fertile land massage

A Decontracting Massage, we will focus on the Shiatsu points, where the accumulated tensions are found. It is the moment to download, the process gives you an authentic and deep calm.

Benefits of massage: release of massage contractures, progressive relaxation of the body that favors delivery.

massage costa brava lloret de mar


massage costa brava lloret de mar

Treatments in the massages we offer

In casas lujo We use Western techniques, such as chiromassage, Eastern techniques such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine or Thai massage..

Depending on the discomfort that our client has, the ailments or the needs they have, we can advise what type of treatment is the most appropriate.

We can also perform various facial and body beauty treatments to care for your skin.

Relaxing Massage


Our relaxing massage of long and deep passes, without much pressure. The relaxing massage will bring you tranquility and relaxation. They are perfect massages in cases of nervousness, insomnia or anxiety that we will achieve with hot lavender oil.

Relieving massage

Chiromassage that puts a special interest on muscle contracture, back pain or tendonitis. We will apply friction on your body, kneading key points. Perfect for the most professional athletes.

Thai massage

With this massage that comes from traditional techniques based on muscle and ligament stretching. We will apply pressure at various discharge points. This massage will provide you with great flexibility and will relieve the tensions you have in your body.

4 hands massage

If enjoying a two-handed massage is not enough, imagine having a relaxing massage for one person performed by 2 professional therapists, simultaneously synchronized.
A different and delicious experience.

Ideal for cases of anxiety or stress with which to relax the mind and enter a state of total meditation. Leave your mind blank and enjoy.

Couple massages

An ideal massage to enjoy as a couple in one hour, with 2 professionals. A shared experience, Ideal to give as gifts that each of you enjoy.