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Dog beaches on the Costa Brava

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Do you want to take your dog to the beach? Currently, there are different dog beaches on the Costa Brava, where your pet will be welcome, so in this article we will show the list of beaches that allow this activity.

Dog enjoying the sea

Rubina Beach

This was one of the first beaches for dogs in Catalonia and one of the pioneers nationwide. La Rubina is located in Empuriabrava, which is characterized by having fine sand and no time restrictions.

Rec del Molí beach

The Rec del Molí is located in L’Escala, being one of the most famous dog beaches in the area. Dogs only have access to half of it, even so it is a large space, where they can run and bathe.

Sant Jordi beach

This beach has a large amplitude, since it is 50 meters long, it is also ideal for the most active dogs, since it combines fine sand together with rocky areas, so fun will be guaranteed.

Barcas Beach

Among the beaches for dogs on the Costa Brava, we must highlight this one, since despite being located in a town, it is one of the largest beaches in the area. It has a rocky area and next to a large mountain, so it is the appropriate place for your pet to spend all its energy.

Port de la Vall beach

This beach is located next to a campsite, which is delimited by green signs, which indicate in which area you can walk the dogs. The only drawback of es Port de la Vall is that it does not have any type of service, so you must bring everything you need before you go.

Beach in L’Estartit

This beach for dogs on the Costa Brava has more than 600 square meters so that your pet can enjoy running or bathing, since it does not have any time limitations.

Dogs bathing

Big beach (Grande)

It is located in Port de la Selva, and recently they have given the green light so that dogs can enjoy the beach, although it has been delimited to make a division between people who want to be quiet, and people who want to walk with their dogs through the sand.

Tips to be with your dog on the beaches of the Costa Brava

The beaches are protected by the Coastal Law, which does not refer at any time to the prohibition of the entry of dogs to these enclosures, but rather delegates it to the Autonomous Communities, however, in Catalonia there are no fines for why your pet be on the beach. Despite this, it is advisable to follow a series of tips for the correct coexistence between people who are quietly on the beach and those who are walking their dog.

  • Look at the signs to find out if animals can be on that beach, or if it is delimited.
  • Always carry your pet’s documentation with you, especially if you are going to walk with it on the beach.
  • Normally you should take your dog on a leash, since it is forbidden to keep them loose in public spaces, although if there are no people on the beach you can release them but at your own risk.
  • Once you have reached the beach it is advisable to put the muzzle on it, whether it is a dangerous breed or not.

In addition to these tips, it is recommended to prepare your dog properly for a day at the beach:

  • Give it sun protection, since some suffer from long sun exposure, so the use of specific protection creams for pets is recommended.
  • Use of creams for the foot pads, since these suffer from the high temperatures of the sand.
  • Once you have finished bathing on the beach, you should wash it with fresh water as soon as possible to eliminate all the salt.

Another option is to take it with you by renting a boat and touring the coast, there are quite affordable options. The furry ones in the house are going to have a fun summer.

Can you think of more ideas or more doggy beaches?

Help us to propose more beaches, if you know any and want to recommend it to our readers. You can write it in comments and we will propose it.

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