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bruno bonier chef


French cuisine 100%
mediterranean cuisine 87%
Mexican Kitchen 80%


Bruno Bonnier

Bruno is a French chef who works in Barcelona. His professional career begins in 1998, he will learn in the kitchens from the hands of great chefs for 10 years in France. After his arrival in Barcelona he will continue to develop in various restaurants to end up bringing his own.

His passion for detail and personalized service will lead him to choose to establish himself as a private chef.
This allows you to give the personalized and close treatment of each client, communicating throughout the process and advising in all phases.

His cuisine is a balance between the basics of French cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and tapas, always being up to date and being impregnated with new ingredients and dishes that can arrive from anywhere in the world.

main features

His passion for details and personalized service will lead him to establish himself as a private chef. This will allow you to provide personalized and close treatment to each client, communicating throughout the process and advising in all phases.

From 50 € per person

Vegetarian menu

STARTERS (Choose 3 options)

Vegetable escalivadas (Catalan roasted vegetables).

Grilled lettuce heads, roasted vegetables, lime zest, croutons, parmesan slices, Caesar dressing

Pink tomato/raff, spring onion and tuna belly (pescatarian option).

Baskets of vegan cream cheese, black garlic, forest mushrooms and chestnuts

Fresh cabbage roll stuffed with apples and walnuts.

Celery salad in different textures with a soft mustard sauce.

Pumpkin falafel.
“Arancini” (Sicilian rice ball) with soft aioli sauce.

Porcini tempura.

Beet Carpaccio, yogurt foam, crunchy almonds and mint.

MAIN PLATO (Choose 1 option)

Cauliflower cream with truffle and a delicate touch of vanilla.

Spaghettini with artisanal tomato sauce infused with basil and sun-dried tomatoes.

Tagliatelle with seasonal mushroom sauce.

False white cabbage tagliatelle with sautéed artichokes and mint.

Artisanal ravioli stuffed with mushrooms with parmesan fondue sauce.

Eggplant Parmesan (eggplant lasagna, with tomato sauce and mozzarella)

Zucchini carpaccio with olives, dried tomatoes and capers.

“Quinfish” Nori seaweed roll stuffed with quinoa on sautéed vegetables.


Chocolate coulant or Catalan cream.

Seasonal fruits.

Synera Red Wine (Tempranillo)White Wine

Clos de Encis
(D.O Terra Alta)

From 50 € per person

À la Carte Menu

STARTERS (Choose 3 options)

Roasted baby carrots, with feta cheese and Sicilian Kalamata olives.

Tuna tataki with smoked eggplant puree and sesame yogurt dressing.

Beef tartare, parmesan mousse and seasonal mushrooms.

Mediterranean sea bass, crispy vegetables and lemon and basil olive oil dressing

Prawn ravioli, on a cream of tender peas and a light touch of ginger.

Carpaccio of zucchini, mint, baked cod with soft butter cream and dried tomato.

MAIN COURSE (Choose 1 option)

Baked sea bass, potatoes, black olives and cherry tomatoes.

Sea bream fillet, with broccoli couscous, lemon zest and anchovies.
Grilled turbot accompanied by candied artichokes.

Monkfish suquet, with clams, shrimp and potatoes.

Slow-cooked beef cheek on truffled Parmentier.

Beef tenderloin, with wild asparagus and a demiglace of its juice.

Roasted suckling pig with apple cream and green beans.

Slow cooked boneless lamb, with sautéed spinach, pine nuts
and raisins.

DESSERTS (Choose 1 option)


Chocolate Coulant

Catalan cream


Synera Red Wine (Tempranillo)

Clos de Encis White Wine
(D.O Terra Alta)

From 40 € per person

Mediterranean lovers

(All dishes are included)

Iberian ham with glass bread
(Catalan bread seasoned with grated tomato and olive oil and salt)

Croquette tasting
(Iberian ham, boletus, cod)

My version of bravas: Layers of potatoes topped with Brava sauce

Catalan fish stew
(Monkfish stewed on its own “Suquet”)
Vitel Tonne

Fresh sliced ​​Roast Beef salad with a creamy tuna sauce and

*It is possible to replace the Roast Beef with lacon

Zucchini carpaccio with black olives, dried tomatoes, capers
and a delicate yogurt dressing

Eggplant Parmesan
(Eggplant lasagna, tomato sauce infused with basil and mozzarella)

Mussels with cava
(Steamed mussels served with a Cava sauce)

WE CONTINUE WITH… (Choose an option)

Seafood paella
(Prawns, cuttlefish, clams and mussels)

Sea & Mountain Paella
(Seafood & Meat)

Mountain Paella
(Iberian secret and green beans)

TO FINISH (Choose an option)

Catalan cream

Seasonal fruit skewers


Synera Red Wine (Tempranillo)

Clos de Encis White Wine (D.O Terra Alta)

roberto colella chef privado costa brava


French cuisine 100%
mediterranean cuisine 87%
Mexican Kitchen 80%


Roberto Colella

I’m Roberto Colella, and I’m a professional chef with 18 years of experience from working in Milan, Naples, London and Barcelona.

My experience ranges from working in the Baglioni Hotel and the George Private members’ club, as well as in Michelin restaurants including the Don Carlos Restaurant of the Grand Hotel in Milan and Le Blanc in The Mandarin Hotel in Barcelona, as well as working in large-scale off-premise special events.

I’ve gained much experience in well-known high-end restaurants such as the W, Le Meridien & Le On right here in Barcelona, and finally in my own restaurant Colella.

For me it’s a pleasure to host and offer private dining events to bring an enjoyable gastronomic experience with a Mediterranean essence.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and offer my cuisine proposal for your event!

main features

Is to go away from the standars, close my eyes and play with the ingredients to offer an revisated cuisine with all its essence.

From 150 € per person

Seafood Menu



Grilled Tiger prawns

Crayfish flambéed with Cointreau

Salted red prawns

Razor clams “Navajas” with Parsley

Olive oil and Garlic sauce.

Voul a vent with green peas from

Maresme lands and Caviar


Grilled lobster Salad

Turbot with white wine sauce and oven potatoes


Seasonal fruits

Lemon Sorbet


Red Wine

Synera (Tempranillo)

White wine

Clos de Encis
(D.O Terra Alta)

*1 bottle of wine each 3 people

From 50 € per person

BBQ Party

Vegetable escalivadas (Catalan roasted vegetables)

Baby goss, grilled chicken, lime zest, croutons, parmesan slices, Cesar sauce dressings

Pink tomato/raff spring onion with belly fillet of tuna

Marinated pork ribs
<br><br>Butifarra del Pages (Catalonian fresh sausage)

Ribs of lamb

Beef Entrecote

Tiger grilled prawns

Chicken wins

Sides: Zucchini, corn, potatoes, carrots

Sauces: Chimichurri, Romesco, Barbacoa, Mayo & Ketchup.


Coulant de chocolate

Crema catalana

Seasonal fruits


Red Wine

Synera (Tempranillo)

White wine

Clos de Encis (D.O Terra Alta)

*1 bottle of wine each 3 people


If what you need is to enjoy a private chef at home, you just have to ask, we have chefs for events on the Costa Brava. Or even if you don’t feel like being bothered, we also have a variety of home catering on the Costa Brava.

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