Chef Costa Brava

Exclusive Service. Offers a professional, exclusive and personalized service in Costa Brava or wherever the client proposes it to us.

Bruno is a French chef who works in Barcelona. His professional career begins in 1998, he will learn in the kitchens from the hands of great chefs for 10 years in France. After his arrival in Barcelona he will continue to develop in various restaurants to end up bringing his own.

His passion for detail and personalized service will lead him to choose to establish himself as a private chef.
This allows you to give the personalized and close treatment of each client, communicating throughout the process and advising in all phases.

His cuisine is a balance between the basics of French cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and tapas, always being up to date and being impregnated with new ingredients and dishes that can arrive from anywhere in the world.

From 50 €

per person


  • Menu (all included)

  • Lebanese parsley and tomato salad with fried pita bread

    Quinoa salad with feta cheese, herbs and pomegranate

    Tomato salad with basil and peach

    Tomato and beet gazpacho with sesam and soy

    Beef entrecote

    Barbecue sauce pork ribbs

    Chicken with herbs and spicies

    Catalan sausages

    Austral prawns

    Courgette, potatoes, corn and italian green peppers

    Barbecue sauce, Café de Paris sauce, Romescu sauce

    Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup

    Chocolate mousse

    Seasonal fruit assortment

  • Drinks:

  • White Wine : Ca N’estruc : Xarel.lo

    Red Wine : Ca N’estruc : Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

    From 50 €

    per person


  • Entrants: (2 to chosse)

  • Knife Beef Tartar with Pistachios, Parmesan and Dried Tomatoes

    Red Tuna Tartar with Green Caviar of Aubergines and Tile
    Lobster Cappuccino, Cream and Espelette Pepper

    French Oyster with Kiwi Tartar and Coconut Milk

    Tiradito of Wild Sea Bass, Tiger Milk, Corn and Marinated Onion

    Shrimp Skewer and Fried Quicos with Tartar Sauce

    Soufflé with Comté Cheese and Truffle Zucchini flower in tempura stuffed with cheese

  • First: (1 to chosse))

  • Tart Tatin of Cherries Tomatoes with Parmesan and Aragonese Tapenade

    False Apple Pie with Idiazabal and Iberico Cheese

    Tomato and Beet Gazpacho with sesame, edamáme

    Confit Artichoke with Bourguignone Sauce, Cheese Air and Iberico Shavings

    Lebanese Parsley and Tomato Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette and pita bread

  • Main course:(1 to choose)

  • Low temperature chicken with Mediterranean filling, potatoes and candied carrots

    Wellington sir loin, with oporto sauce, mushroom Duxelle and gratin dauphinois

    Black angus bourguignon beef stew with carrots and polenta

    Duck magret with lemon, lavander and honey sauce, with vegetables

    Lamb Carré roasted with herbs and vegetables

    Sirloin with black trumpet mushroom sauce and vegetables

    Wild seabass slowcooked with white martini sauce, peas and vegetabes

    Beurre blanc sole with lemon, mushroom and potatoes purée

    Vanilla salmon, rice with herbs and curri vegetables

    Sea urchin risotto with Ceps and asparagus

    Monkfish Suquet from the Balearic Islands

  • Desserts: (1 to choose)

  • Old-fashioned nougat ice cream with raspberry coulis

    Lemon pie

    Brown glacé with English Sauce

    Sacher Cake with Strawberries and Chantilly

    Caramelized apple crumble with mango coulis

    Tiramisu Cheesecake

    Chocolate Mousse with Chantilly from Quicos

  • Wine:(all included)

  • Red, white and / or sweet wine;

    Cava according to the menu 3 bottles every 4 people

    From 40 €

    per person


  • Menu(all included)

  • Catalan bread with Tomato, Olive Oil Cheeses and Charcuteries Assortment

    Monterosa Tomato salad Xató salad with Romescu almond sauce, cod, black olives and tuna

    Patatas bravas with smoked almond sauce and alioli Fried eggplant with honey

    Prawns with garlic Fries sardines Rock mussels Gallegan Octopus with Potatoes and smoke paprika

    Paella Mixta

    Crème brûlée Seasonal fruit assortment

  • Drinks:

  • White Wine : Ca N’estruc : Xarel.lo Red Wine : Ca N’estruc : Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah