Chef en la Costa Brava

Chef Costa Brava

Exclusive Service. Offers a professional, exclusive and personalized service in Costa Brava or wherever the client proposes it to us.

Bruno is a French chef who works in Barcelona. His professional career begins in 1998, he will learn in the kitchens from the hands of great chefs for 10 years in France. After his arrival in Barcelona he will continue to develop in various restaurants to end up bringing his own.

His passion for detail and personalized service will lead him to choose to establish himself as a private chef.
This allows you to give the personalized and close treatment of each client, communicating throughout the process and advising in all phases.

His cuisine is a balance between the basics of French cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and tapas, always being up to date and being impregnated with new ingredients and dishes that can arrive from anywhere in the world.

50 €

per person



(All included) Massive Crudités & Salad Buffet (Salad, Corn, Peppers, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Carrot, Olives....) Lemon and Mustard Vinaigrette Olive Oil D.O. Penedés Tipical Catalan Bread with Tomato My lovely Cheeses and Charcuteries

Main Course (All included)

Beef Entrecote Smoked Marinated Ribbs Chicken Thigh with Local Herbas Vegetarian Summer Brochette Zucchinis, Potatoes, Corn and Italian Green Peppers Barbecue Sauce, Romescu Sauce, Café de Paris Sauce, Mustard, Mayonnaise and Ketchup

Dessert (all included)
Apple Crumbre Seasonal Fruit Salad

80 €

per person


Entrants: (All included)

Beef Tartar with Candied Tomatoes, Parmesan and Pistachios Candied Artichoke with Cheese Air, Crispy Iberic Ham and Beef Glace Seabass “Tiradito” with Tiger Milk,Avocado, Coco and Corn Sauce Tuna Tartar with Green Eggplant Caviar and Edamame

First: (All included)

Vegetables Symphony with Contrast and Textures Tomato Cherry Tatin Tort with Parmesan, Tapenade and Basil Chips Fake Apple Pie with Idiazabal Cheese and Iberic Pumpkin Cream Soup with Fresh Estragon

Main Course: (All included)

Angus Beef Entrecote with Café de Paris Sauce, Lyonnaise Potatoes Orange Guineafowl slowcooked, Topinanbour purée and Candied Carrots Catalan Monkfish Suquet Stew with Potatoes Bream Filets in Smoked Red Escabeche with Garlic, Baked Potatoes

Dessert: (All included)

Wet Chocolate Cake with Pear, Chocolate and Vainilla Ice Cream Tiramisu Apple Crumble with Mango Sauce Sabayon with Fresh Fruit and Almonds

80 €

per person

Local Food to share

Entrants: (All included)

Catalan Bread with Tomatoes Catalan Cheeses and Charcuteries “Esqueixada de Bacalao” (Cod, Tuna, Onions, Tomatoes, Olives Salad) Escalivada with Olive Oil and Salt Flower (Cooked on fire vegetables....) Ham Croquettes Spinach Croquettes Patatas Bravas with Smoked Almond Saude and Alioli

Main Course: (All included)

Black Rice (Special Rice cooked Black with Seafood, Green Peppers and Alioli) Fish “Suquet” Speciality (Fish Stew (according market) with Potatoes, Mediteranenan Vegetables,...) Paella Mar & Montaña (Special Rice Paella with Seafood, Meat and Vegetables...) Veggie Paella (Special Rice Paella with Seasonal Vegetables....) Valenciana Rabbit Paella (Special Rabbit and Green Beans Paella)

Dessert: (all included)

Catalan Cream (Authentic Crème Brulée, Orange and Lemon Flavors) Traditional Catalan Bread with Chocolate, Strawberries, Olive Oil and Salt