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Rent a boat Costa Brava

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Where to rent a boat on the Costa Brava

Blue sail boat rental

Blue sail located in Blanes offers an offer to all the readers and clients of

Offer 1: 12-seater boat rental

Private departure with the boat “La Ruta del Contrabando”, lasting 3 hours.

If you are 12 people or less, with the 12-seater Partyboat and includes: skipper, fuel, picapica single, soft drinks / beer, snorkeling activity and cava. If you come from you have a great sale offer for € 350 (About € 32 / pers)

Includes: skipper, fuel, simple snack, soft drinks / beer, snorkeling and cava activity.

Offer 2: boat rental 22 places

Private departure with the boat “La Ruta del Contrabando”, of 3h duration with the Daycruiser of 22 people (more space and small WC), the price is € 665.00.

Includes: skipper, fuel, simple snack, soft drinks / beer, snorkeling and cava activity.

We will visit Cala Llevado, Cala Canyelles, Cala Giverola, Cala Bona, Cala Futadera … And if the state of the sea allows it we will enter the Cave of Napoleon and the Cave of Contraband or the so-called Cave of Pop Antoní

Barco de alquiler Costa Brava

The tips

Once we have decided that we are going to rent a boat on the Costa Brava, we must not only find the right boat for our needs, we must also find the place to rent it and follow certain steps to have the best choice at hand. Here are some TIPS that will help you when you rent your boat:

Do not leave it for last minute

To rent a boat we must know in advance the dates of our holidays and try not to leave it until the last minute, since we will have little chance of choosing, since the best boats, with the best offers, will already be rented.

Boat rental companies on the Costa Brava and almost everywhere in the world usually make discounts during the celebration of fairs and boat shows. Normally between 5% and 10% on the rate at which they usually rent.

We all know very well that if we leave things until the last moment we will have to make do with the boats that everyone has rejected. Sometimes we will have to change the destination, or choose a type of boat that was not what we wanted. It is true that there are last minute offers where you can find good offers, but they will not always be adjusted to our needs.

Leave legal agreements with the rental company closed

The boat rental company will ask us for a deposit to make the reservation of the boat. If several days or less have yet to pass, that amount will be less, increasing as we get closer to the shipment date.

When we have signed the contract, and paid the deposit or the total of the reservation, they must give us the contract together with the invoice or receipt.

The boat rental company will ask us for the crew list and our mobile and normally a photocopy of our nautical title in case the rental is without a skipper and we are going to drive it ourselves.

The boat rental company must give us several telephones where we can communicate with them in any incident or breakdown on board that we have.

Practical advice once we have rented the boat

Keep everything tidy

A ship is an object which is moving at all times. Each thing must be located in the correct place and above all it is subject. This way we will not go crazy when we want to locate it and we will avoid breaking things, and we will minimize the risks of an object being thrown, and hitting the head of any component of the passengers.

Water on board

Have water on board. It will help us fill the tanks with fresh water, take an outdoor shower, or clean the boat with a brush. We always have to take into account the neighbors next to our boat, let’s not get them wet.

barco alquiler
Alquilar un barco

Monitor the condition of the batteries

Nowadays, ship batteries are highly optimized and do not need to be revised, but there are some batteries that need to add distilled water to the solution they contain inside. However, it must be said that this is usually the responsibility of the companies that rent the boats.

Port staff

If we have staff on the ship they will do what they can to help us, in most cases. Do not hesitate to ask for help on the VHF radio so that someone from the port can help us with the docking maneuvers. It is part of their job.

Trash from a rent boat

We must be responsible with the environment, garbage and waste are not thrown into the sea, only the remains of food, in which case the fish will thank you. In the port we will normally find appropriate containers for each type of waste.

Help and assist

When we sail, anyone can have a breakdown, or run out of fuel. Help if you want help. Today for you tomorrow for me. That should be the philosophy.

Anchor with caution

First we must be sure that the chosen place is sheltered from the wave and strong winds. Next, see what bottom there is (sand or stone)

The approach maneuver must be carried out at low speed, checking that there is sufficient space between our boat and the boats that are already anchored.

If you can, put on a pair of goggles to make sure the anchor is firmly attached to the bottom of the sea.

Rental pattern

On the first day the crew and the skipper have to meet to finalize the navigation plan.

Taking a good skipper can assure you the perfect trip, otherwise being wrong and taking a skipper with little experience can often leave us with complicated situations.

Right of way

It is good to carry on board a manual that allows us to quickly consult it. Let’s think that perhaps the boat that is approaching us may be manned by people ignorant of said regulations, when in doubt, it is best not to risk the least, giving way before suffering a collision with the boat that comes at us.

Communicate with the port or marina

It is very useful to have a list with the telephone numbers of the ports that we have in mind to visit. At the bottom of the page we will provide you with a few ports on the Costa Brava.

Respect bathers

The current legislation prohibits boats from approaching the beach, since we can endanger bathers or divers. On most occasions we will find colored buoys that indicate the limit zone to which we can approach with the boat. If there are no such buoys, we must be careful and follow our logic not to attend to wrong decisions.

Ports on the Costa Brava

Port de Roses (Roses port)

Direction: Av. de Rhode, s/n, 17480 Roses, Girona

Phone: 972 15 44 12

Club Nàutic Cala Canyelles (Cala Canyelles Nautical Club)

Phone: 972 36 88 18

Direction: Av. Canyelles, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona

Port Esportiu Marina de Palamós (Marina de Palamós Sports port )

Phone: 972 60 10 00

Direction: Carrer Salvador Albert i Pey, 0, 17230 Palamós, Girona

Club Náutico Puerto de Aro (Puerto de Aro Nautical Club)

Direction: Carrer Nàutic, 8, 17250 Platja d’Aro, Girona

Phone: 972 81 89 29

Marina D’Empuriabrava (Puerto de Empuriabrava)

Direction: Edifici, Carrer Cavall de Mar, s/n, 17487 Empuriabrava, Girona

Phone: 972 45 12 39

Club Náutico de Aiguablava (Aiguablava Nautical Club)

Direction: 17255 Fornells, Girona

Phone: 972 62 31 61

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